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Ensures that EZSpeed gauges are measuring concisely and consistently within specified parameters.


The EZSpeed Verification Fixture ensures that EZSpeed gauges are measuring concisely and consistently within specified parameters. The device uses a simple gravity lever to simulate different speeds. The repeatable speeds of the fixture can be used to test repeatability and reproducibility of the speed gauge verifying its calibration.


Made from high-grade aluminum plates, the robust design is lightweight and easy to use. There are three different distances to provide a wide range of results. Up to three different speeds can be measured at each distance, granting nine points of data. Retro-reflective tape on the crossbar simulates the target included with EZSpeed. Smooth glossy surface to mount the EZSpeed gauge for trials. It has adjustable feet equipped complete with easy-grip knobs to ensure that the fixture is flat upon performing trials. Built-in level allows the user to determine how level the fixture is.

Working Principle

The verifying fixture has a swing arm lever with three different height position settings. The lock is used to hold the lever in place. When released the lever drops at a fixed speed based on the height and the reflective tape on the bar at the end passes in front of the EZ speed lasers, triggering it to measure the speed of the falling bar. The value of the measured speed can now be compared to the nominal and be verified. The three distance settings (D1, D2 and D3) allow the adjustment of the distance of the EZ speed to the falling arm and can be used to verify skewing errors.

Calibration Traceability

All come certified with calibrated nominal values. Nominal values for each height are determined by Keyence laser displacement tracking. High-velocity bearings allow for smooth and consistent motion for every trial.


  • Dimensions L480mm x H238mm x D150mm
  • Weight 3.094kg
  • Accuracy +/-5.00%
  • Units mm/sec