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The Making Of
EZ Metrology

The Making Of
EZ Metrology

EZ Metrology started in 2006 dedicated to developing and marketing measurement systems for vehicle doors. After some years, these technologies have embedded themselves well within the global field of metrology.

Over the course of time, we have developed and vastly refined numerous systems to monitor both static and dynamic effects on parts and assemblies alike. This has provided a revolutionary foundation for a wide variety of solutions still to come. We not only provide equipment commonly used in the lab or on the production line, but also custom engineering services and solutions for your unique application, whatever it may be.

Our president, Tom Van Esch, presenting at the 2016 Door and Closure Conference in Bad Nauheim, Germany.

Our Vision

Quality professionals have evolved and matured to give their company an edge in the marketplace by meeting sophisticated customer demands with better quality products. The key to better quality products is EZ.

In this new economic landscape, where quality requirements remain at an all time high, efficiency is where money can be saved. Efficiency and cost savings are the motivators behind our latest commercial releases.

We all know how poor quality, like bad news, can travel fast and far. It is vital to make quality a strategic priority to help you stay on that road of excellence.

Our Mission -
Intelligent Metrology

EZ Metrology is a market leader in measurement devices. Our mission is to provide the expert knowledge, the latest tools and when necessary, custom solutions to help the industry meet their ever increasing quality requirements. Our access and expertise on many technologies enables us to provide integrated solutions that will meet every customers specific demands.

We will save you money and increase your productivity. By meeting your needs with our diverse range of products, we are confident that we can provide an efficient and cost-saving solution to any challenge you may have .